Conrad - Hambley Farms

300 Pfrimmers Chapel Road NE * Corydon, Indiana 47112 * (812) 972-8457 *
  Conrad - Hambley Farm is a family owned farm that produces good tasting fruits and vegetables for farmers' market in Kentuckiana.The farm specializes in growing the best tasting tomatoes, but offers a wide variety of other fruit and vegetables.  During early spring the farm offers bedding plants for herb and vegetable gardens.  
  The farm, located five miles from Lanesville, Indiana, is operated by family members.  Products are sold only at farmers' Markets and to retail customers.  During times of heavy production items will be sold wholesale to our retail customers.  The farm was established in 1989 and is a member of Corydon Farmers' Market, Crescent Hill Farmers' Market, and Hikes Point Farmers' Market in addition to the Bardstown Road Farmers' Market.
Charles Hambley